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The Project was founded by James Scott in 2012, although due to planning restrictions could not be registered until 2013.  At the very young age of just 34 and having put so much into setting up his Project, James sadly died in May 2014.  James had originally named his project the North Somerset ReUse Project, however this was renamed and dedicated the James Scott's North Somerset ReUse Project (JSNSRP) in 2015 by James' mum Patricia Scott; his legacy and the ethos of James' Project continue in his loving memory by Patricia.

The aim of the Project is to reduce landfill and to actively promote this; we are an environmental service. The Project is a non profit-making social enterprise; a Community Interest Company and is completely unfunded.


The Project takes in items brought in by individuals and businesses who no longer want/need them and then sells them to others at an affordable but responsible cost. Therefore, saving the items ending up in landfill and enables the Project to continue promoting reuse.



Most of the items we take in are from sheds, garages and gardens. Mainly hardware from nuts and bolts and​ wood pieces to ladders and garden gates and items you just don’t know where to take – except to landfill, if you’re clearing out for space or moving due to downsizing. We also accept ceramic pots, taps, shower and light fittings and so much more!


James Scott's North Somerset ReUse Project,

Greenholm Nurseries,



North Somerset,

BS49 5AA



Patricia Scott

07854 276 598


The store's opening hours are Monday - Saturday, 11am - 4pm.


Details for Accepting Items

If you have one or two items to bring to the store, we would be able to accept them during our opening hours. However, I hope you’ll appreciate that we only have so much space in the store and a limited capacity to process these items, therefore, if you have a significant quantity of items to bring in to us, it would be really helpful if you could contact us in the first instance to arrange a mutually convenient day and time for you to do so.

Please don't drop off and leave items outside the store when it's unattended.


Community RePaint

Besides the many items the Project deals with, it is also a member of the Community RePaint Scheme which is sponsored by Dulux and accepts partial and useable tins of paint.


What We Save From Going to Landfill

During 2023 the Project saved approximately 17 tonnes of unwanted items going to landfill.

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