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Sale Items

If you’re looking to purchase items at an affordable cost you can. We sell anything from nuts and bolts, paint, tools, garden equipment, fishing accessories and golfing and camping equipment to paving blocks and reclaimed gravel and paving slabs, plumbing and electrical items, small and large pieces of wood, ceramic and clay pots, work clothes and wellington boots…. And so much more!

We may not have all the items mentioned in the store at the same time, but those who are regular customers will tell you, you never know what you’ll find at our store.

If an unwanted, but broken item brought into the store can be fixed, we will do it. If the item doesn’t work or is broken, we strip it down for parts, ie bicycle parts. If the items are in packets of 2 or 6 or 10 or however many, we take these out of the packets and if you only need one, you can buy one – just what you needed and not what you’re expected to buy. This applies to so many things but for instance, you need to replace a shower curtain hook, you can buy just one at our store and not a packet of 10; if we have sand or gravel etc and you only need a handful or two, you can buy just the amount you need at our store and not that great big bag you would normally have to buy and then store the remainder somewhere. We really believe in buying just what you need, from one bolt, one raw plug – in fact with few exceptions just one of anything!


Lots of people come in to the store looking for inspiration for a project in mind – from school projects to those coming in to find something unusual to turn it into something else.

If we have no choice but to strip down an item, we take everything we can off it which might be of use. For instance, an ironing board; we’ll take the rubber feet off it, the same with an unusable walking stick, again we’ll take the rubber ‘foot’ off. Spare lids, ‘feet’ even wine corks which people use for a multitude of reasons.

As mentioned, we are unfunded so we have to sell items we keep for sale to keep the project going. We’ve managed like his for over six years so we’re doing something right!

Items are costed at a fair and responsible price – we don’t want you to buy something you didn’t need in the first place but just because it was ‘cheap’ you bought it and then when you realise you didn’t need it, you ‘throw it away – or put it in that drawer or cupboard thinking you might need it some day or, you might bring it back to the store as an unwanted item, but you might live so far from the store that you think its not worth it. Basically, we’ve all done it at some time in the past but here at the Project, we don’t believe in promoting wastage.

What Else Can You Find in Our Store?

Besides all sorts of reuse items and paint, we have some ‘crafty’ customers who make loads of items out of wood and even concrete and sometimes donate them to the store. We therefore have new and handmade garden mushrooms and animal ornaments and boot and storage boxes, stools, planters and bug houses. We don’t always have all of these items at one time but they are all different and made by several local people.

Wild Bird Food

We offer a wide range of wild bird seed which we buy in. We actively promote and encourage you to bring in your own containers so that they can be reused. Other customers do save these containers for our use and we are grateful to them so if you haven’t got your own we can supply these asking you to bring them back for refills. In line with the Project’s ethos and the zero use of plastic bags, we have been doing this for several years. And, you don’t have to buy what you don’t need; if you just want half a kilo or a single fat ball, we can do this for you.


Our prices are extremely good and the quality of the seed is too; our regular customers think so too, as most of them have been coming to us to buy seed for years.


Our range consists of: 

  • Mixed Wild Bird Seed
  • Mixed No Mess Wild Bird Seed
  • Peanuts
  • Black Sunflower Seed
  • Mixed No Grow Wild Bird Seed
  • Nyger Seed
  • Sunflower Hearts
  • Fat Balls
  • Dried Mealworms

Our Gardening Range

We have a small range of new items we buy in such as garden hand tools; garden gloves, pruners and secateurs and bird feeders. We sell Neudorff organic garden treatments such as weed killer, plant feed, seaweed extract etc.


Slug Bells

We have been selling the famous Slug Bells since we opened the store in 2012 and people who have bought them will tell you, "they really do work"! Visit the Slug Bell website below:

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